Enable Enum.Material.Snow for BaseParts

Enum.Material.Snow currently only works with smooth terrain, but I’d like to be able to use it on BaseParts. The current workaround is to use white sand, but it doesn’t look quite right, and getting it to work with footstep sounds is hacky.

Snow is the biggest pain point for me, but there are other terrain-only materials that I’m sure developers would love to see: Rock, Glacier, Sandstone, Mud, Basalt, Ground, CrackedLava, Asphalt, LeafyGrass, Salt, Limestone, and Pavement. This is a lot of materials though, so perhaps someday the client could stream high resolution versions of textures as-needed to keep the install lightweight, and maybe smooth terrain / parts could just use the same textures.


What a seasonal request!

Anyways, ever since the surface appearance came out, the internal engine can use a similar system to raise the 2d textures and give it some depth. For example, cracked lava doesn’t seem very realistic when it’s all flat. The cracks should obviously be a bit lower down. With that being said, I know this might be hard to work into terrain, but on parts it’s not a problem, which is why it should be implemented there.