Enable StarterCharacterScripts

This little jem of a bin was added to the API waaaay back in October of 2015, and hasn’t yet been enabled for some odd reason. It’s insertable and everything, it just does nothing. The idea is it acts like StarterPlayerScripts but instead of putting scripts into LocalPlayer.PlayerScripts it would stick it’s children into each newly created character. Pretty darn useful.

Having this turned on would be nice way to kick off spring (for half of the world at least). Being able to overwrite the animation, health, and sound scripts without scripting the change would be godsend from a quality of life standpoint. Not that scripting the changes is hard or anything, but the entire point of bins like this is to avoid scripting those changes altogether.

Not sure if this really belongs in feature requests as it’s already a feature, just not turned on. I guess it could be moved if it rustles enough jimmies.


I think @CodeWriter was the one working on this?

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@CodeWriter do you hear our prayers? :pray:

In the mean time, its not that hard to write your own character script distribution system.
Its what I’m doing in The Stalker: Reborn :stuck_out_tongue:

I just use this script for each project I start. Makes it really easy to just add scripts to characters.


Y u do .removed b4 .added? Added fires before removed.

The semantics are really the same. The event is fired by game.Players, not individual Player instances.

I would rather stick with CharacterAdded and cloning objects into the character at the start instead. This way I have a tad bit more control over what exactly is being sent over. Say for instance I want something sent to the characters, but not all the time.

I’m sure you’ll find a use for it, but I’m staying neutral on the subject. It’s just something I wouldn’t use. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s coming. We need to ensure that it won’t crash XBox. Once that code is properly synced with the current set of source code, we’ll enable it.


Does this mean future updates will take longer to come out because of XBox crash possibilities?