Enable ThumbnailCameras for non-model instances


Currently it’s impossible to upload ThumbnailCameras that successfully display a model’s icon to non-model instances.

For example, to display an icon on your model, you move the Camera instance to your desired position, parent that camera to the model and name the camera ‘ThumbnailCamera’:


However, doing the exact same with a Folder as the parent does not work:


A folder is more desirable in this case as it’s displayed towards the top of Workspace, making it easy to locate and modify the model.

Benefits of this feature:

  1. Greater freedom of choice when designing an application. Instead of being limited to using a Model every time you publish, you will have the ability to use a greater diversity of instances, such as Folders.

  2. Less ‘clutter’. For example, this would enable a developer to publish a single Module script with a ThumbnailCamera located inside, instead of parenting this Module to a Model, then naming the model ‘Ungroup me’.


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