Enabling water physics for non-collidable parts

Is it possible to have a part that has CanCollide turned off / does not collide with terrain, but still interact with terrain water? (by interact I mean experiences buoyancy when in terrain water)

When I turn off CanCollide the part doesn’t interact with the terrain water at all

This is undesirable in my case because I want the water physics to apply on a larger part covering my entire custom character that doesn’t collide with walls, and a smaller hitbox that collides with the walls.
In the image below the yellow part would be the part that interacts with water but doesn’t collide with walls and the red part is the hitbox that collides with the walls

The reason I want it like this is because having the yellow part collide with walls makes it impossible for the character to leave bodies of water that are shallow

What you could do instead of disabling Collisions for the parts is create a Collision Filter using Collision Groups! You can easily achieve this with the “PhysicsService”

The API Reference is here and has code examples you might find useful:

If you have any questions or concerns still feel free to ask!

The issue with this is that water is part of the Terrain instance, setting the part to be non-collidable with Terrain through collision groups gives the same problem, the part would not interact with the water