Enact a Zero-Tolerance policy for Troll Posts

As a Roblox Developer and devforum user, it’s currently difficult through ignore certain posts that are intended as troll posts; the amount of replies theses posts get is absolutely unacceptable, as it constantly bumps these posts to the top. While DET can remove these quite quickly, they are currently not enacting tough enough punishment on these users.

Even the user of the disgraceful among us post was not permanently banned. A 7-day ban is not enough to deter these users. More and more troll posts pop up every day; punishment is not hard enough on users who make these posts. For a professional forum, I am shocked that this is even tolerated the slightest bit. I suggest a couple of changes:

  • Enact Zero-Tolerance for these topics; users who make these posts will be removed from the forum right away.
  • Suspend users who write troll replies to an already off-topic post. I don’t believe these users should be permanently banned but it is essential they learn a lesson.
  • Deliver feedback to users who reply to these topics, no matter if they were trolling or not. Recently a troll post had lots of replies, most of them not troll replies, but rather replies such as “this post is a troll”, “why post this here”, and “get off the forum”. These users do not understand that they are actually making the situation worse by replying. In 2 hours, this topic got 129 replies before it was taken down.

Punishment is currently not hard enough for people who troll on the forum, unless people can stop making these topics, this needs to be put in place to deter these from happening. Not just do they happen in #development-discussion, but they are popping up in categories such as #help-and-feedback:cool-creations.

This would improve my experience on the developer forum as I would see less of these troll posts, spammy and low-quality posts are already a nuisance but troll posts make my experience even worse as this forum should not tolerate trolling of any kind.


Thanks for making this post, because it is extremely annoying to keep seeing troll threads and replies being made on the forum which just cause stupid spam and literally no punishment except flagging, maybe a warning, is issued to that person.

Troll topic makers need more than just a simple flag or a warning. A suspension for a few days, week(s), or even permanently is in order to mitigate these threads and replies (the trolling ones). Warnings should simply be issued to people who make the ‘why make these threads’ or ‘why post here’ repliers. They still make the situation worse, but not nearly as bad as trolling ones.

Flagging and warnings are not in my eyes enough for these silly troll threads; they keep appearing with them. A suspension or worse should be in place for a policy that has zero tolerance for troll posts.

the among us thread :unamused:


I kinda want this to happen, take for example that Among Us thread, it blew up with off-topic replies


I agree. Many of the people who post trolls are funny, however, people follow in their footsteps, try to be funny, when they really arent.


I want to allow troll posts as long as it has effort into it (like an extremely absurd gfx but with lots of effort put into it.)


We shouldn’t kill the humour, but we should limit it. So yes, I agree somewhat. But I think it is way to harsh to ban someone for trolling a little.

1 week after posting the original reply my views have changed. At the time of writing the first comment it has gone downhill and I’ve seen a huge uptick in trolling/joking. This is why we can’t have fun things, because people are doing it over-the-top and in a childish manner. I originally didn’t care to have a more lively fun forum, but now it’s a playground. I support banning after 2 offenses! (At the same time we have to make sure that the post was meant as solely a joke/troll and not just a misunderstanding)

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How is it harsh when this is a developer forum? This isn’t meant to be a place for trolls but rather things related to development. Trolls just make the forum hard to navigate through and makes finding useful topics difficult. They basically flood the forum with uninformative subjects. Trolls should not at any time be tolerated here.


This isn’t a professional forum, it’s the development forum for a online game platform. Although I get what’s being implied when you say professional forum, you just can’t expect it to be a professional forum. It’s a forum for a game platform targeted for new game developers, there will be the occasional inexperienced user making a off topic thread but that doesn’t mean they should be ban hammered right away no questions asked. The existing system is fine as it is and considers this well.


Users should know that trolling is not okay here. Is it really worth letting trollers run free without the needed punishment. I’m not going to waste my time on a forum meant for developing so that I can view troll posts. The lack of being a professional forum doesn’t support the fact that trollers should be treated nicely. Additionally, all members here are required to be at least 13 years of age. 13 year olds should be mature enough to behave on here, otherwise they shouldn’t be allowed on here.

I never suggested this was a professional developer outlet.


I think that rather than having a zero-tolerance policy for troll posts, we should maybe have an off-topic board where it’s not intrusive to post this stuff.

Also, maybe not be able to level up etc. using that forum.

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There’s this category for Regulars.

Not necessarily. Something needs to change about forum moderation to ameliorate the user experience on the forum.

The existing system is just “flag and ignore”. This is the issue because it can likely take several hours for a topic or post to be taken down. Flagging posts does not work anymore at this scale because the forum is very open and it’s easy to be promoted to Member. Because of its openness, malicious users can post away, which is a problem that will only get worse.

While Roblox figures out some type of way to handle moderation now and into the future, implementing a zero-tolerance policy for these troll posts will presumably help this issue in the meantime.

Troll posts are indeed rather painful for the forum due to the fact that they intentionally cause annoyment so I believe they should be discouraged as much as possible.

However, I’m not sure about joke posts which are just made for a bit of laugh without actually trolling anyone; these posts will be removed but probably shouldn’t be treated as strictly as troll posts (unless there’s just too many of them).

It depends on the scenario. I know that there are a lot of troll/meme creations which are at least trying to look good. Those aren’t necessarily troll posts; if they’re looking for genuine help or feedback, they’re more than welcome to do so.

However, there’s this one user (who I won’t name) who is excellent at creating troll posts. And they are extremely low-effort. Filling the UI with low resolution memes, everything oversaturated, with unbearable sounds in the background. The posts say “plz i spent 100 hrs long time on this i need feedback my best game plz help me :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:”.

I’ve seen many posts made by this user, and so far all they’ve received is just feedback (their topics got closed I think). I’m not saying they have any malicious intentions, but it’s annoying to see.

The problem is, there isn’t any clear boundary between low effort and high effort. The above example is obviously low effort, but it’s possible that high-effort posts will get mistaken for trolls.


Just woke up and saw that this topic has gotten a lot of attention! Gonna combine replies here!

This is a serious forum. There is no place for that sort of thing here. That’s a complete waste of space.

Replying to a post once in a silly way is fine. But if you are making entire topics for the sole reason for trolling, that isn’t humorous, it’s a waste of space and an eye sore.

The reason it isn’t professional? Because of troll posts like this. This forum is intended to be a professional forum:


This is not about off topic threads. This is about blatant trolling.

Unfortunately, that is not a valid solution. Being on the forum is a privilege, not a right. Saying that trolling wouldn’t happen if #lounge was open is not an acceptable answer, you have to follow the rules, not say that this wouldn’t happen if you were given more permissions or more categories.


This is a game, a video game Forum. You can’t be expecting every post to be professionally written and then ban them when they mess up.

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I never said that? Being off-topic isn’t what this topic is about. Blatant trolling ruins the professionalism of the forum. Please re-read my OP. :slightly_smiling_face:

Trolling isn’t a mistake. People who make these topics know what they are doing


It’s already made abundantly clear that trolling isn’t okay, any trollers are already warned / suspended. That doesn’t mean ban hammer instantly at the first mistake.

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It isn’t tolerated, troll posts are deleted and some are suspended. What your saying is this isn’t severe enough. What I’m saying is what your proposing will never work. It’s too harsh.

That isn’t enough. So what if a post is taken down? Who cares? The user already got what they wanted.