"end" not showing up when I hit enter

I having some trouble with functions and if statements. I have learned them very well. The problem is when I hit enter the “end” doesn’t appear and doesn’t give me an indent. If you guys have any sort of solutions to help that would be greatly appreciated.

This usually happens because you have a syntax error in your code. For now just add it in yourself.

yes I can do that (30 char) omg

Check if they’re enabled:

  1. Go to File → Settings (or Alt +S / Option + S )
  2. Scroll down to where it mentions “Script Editor”
  3. Check if these are enabled: Auto Indent, Auto Closing Brackets Enable Autocomplete, etc.

If you have those enabled and you still don’t see end after, there is a chance that there is a syntax error in your code.


ok that sounds good I will do that

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Yea there was syntax error, I had to go and fix it