Energy Simulator Game Feedback

Hi! I recently made a new simulator game, I was wondering if you guys could give me some feedback on it. Heres the link feel free to check it out, it’s still a WIP. Energy Simulator - Roblox

I think the UI work is well done. I personally, however, think the builds need an over hall to update the quality.

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Alright, thanks so much for the feedback. I will look into that!

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Overall, it’s not too bad. I like the simplistic style and the overall feel to the game.

Only thing I can really criticize on is the “Drinking…” UI which appears when drinking a drink. The progress bar for it is purple, and considering the background is also purple, it’s very hard to see. I’d suggest turning it to a lighter shade such as a pink, white etc.

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Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.