Enforce consistent formats for Collaboration

One of the most frustrating things I’ve noticed lately is the lack of a consistent format for the collaboration area on the DevForum. It can be highly time consuming/difficult to skim through and find potential work due to the lack of a consistent format.

I’d like to establish a new format guideline and this is what I was thinking of.

  1. What the job actually is (e.g. building, scripting, design) be clearly put into the “optional tags” section of the thread.
  2. [PAY DETAILS] [DEADLINE] Cool Pizza game
  3. Establish a new category for #public-collaboration:public-closed-recruitment that thread writers can move there threads to when they are no longer looking/have the positions filled

I’d be more than willing to discuss other formats, my main desire is to have a consistent format to be able to skim through threads for possible work. In an ideal world it would be awesome to have further categories for building, programming under the recruitment section - I can manage with tags

Post example with consistent format


From what I know, not being a project manager myself, many projects are willing to negotiate payment based on the quality of whoever they’re hiring, and some projects might not have a super strict deadline. I don’t think that this should be enforced if it can’t apply to everyone’s posts. I could agree with your other idea of enforcing that people use tags; people should definitely use tags more often.

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I think the collaboration categories are fine as they are. Details should be created and be able to be flexible by the post creator. Any issues you have with their posts (such as lack of clarity) can be taken up with them via DM or through a helpful response on their thread regarding the details.

I strongly doubt any kind of subject format coercion will be done either, on a second note. There’s far too many topics for LTCs and moderators to correct, while their scope encompasses the entire DevForum. It’s not worth the trouble for a few seconds of comfort for a handful of individuals over creativity and flexibility of everyone else.

Remember that not everyone is going to have concrete rates or due dates and information per job is variable (some post for more than one role). Developers skimming through collaboration are going to look at titles more than tags or opening each post, so captivating developers with only so much as a thread topic is crucial to hiring.

More categories are also fairly unnecessary. As you added, work with tags. If OP doesn’t add tags, then oh well I guess.

I’d be fine with flexible/negotiable in the formatting or tags. For example;
[100K - Flexible] [01/01/1979 - Flexible]

I strongly think a consistent format will benefit both parties, people recruiting will be able to clearly demonstrate what they are looking for and for potential candidates they can easily filter jobs they want to see / focus on jobs that fit the criteria for the person looking for work (builder, scripting etc)

Doing so requires more time and effort asking for more details on the thread and the delayed response in DM’ing the user for something that could of been easily done with a consistent format. I’ve seen threads before that go “need builder” as the thread topic and the actual thread probably had this in it;

hi i need builder for airport game, plaese reply to this thread to apply

Why would you make it harder and harder for something that could be done very easily with a consistent format to benefit all parties? I click away or don’t even bother clicking threads like this. If you want to attract the best possible people for your recruitment opening then you’re going to want to make it as clear as possible for those skimming around.

Disagree, it’s possible to filter results to tags only of which I know numerous developers do to focus their time on jobs they know they can do. Not using tags could be the difference in you getting or not getting a valuable experienced programmer. Enforcing a consistent format going forward makes this even better for developers looking for work and recruitments looking for candidates

I think the essence here is that this is the thread maker’s responsibility, not something we need to write down in guidelines anywhere. If someone wants to shoot themselves in the foot, that’s on them and it’s probably not someone you’d want to work for anyway, if they can’t even do the bare minimum effort of making their thread titles coherent.


This is a non-problem. If the developer is not including details in their thread, just ask them for details. Most proper threads already have details listed in them. Suggesting appropriate collaboration practices (such as including explicit offer details) is a solution with more merit over trying to enforce a consistent format which doesn’t fit well with several offers.

Tags aren’t hard to grasp, it’s literally a box on the side beside the title. No one’s really expressing any discomfort with collaboration right now except potential abuse by (new) members and lack of clarity or depth to their offers. The category’s title and formats are fine. Developers should be creative and come up with their own styles, even. Killing creativity to satisfy a small group of unhappy individuals is absurd.

Under what basis? That sounds like a comfortability issue that you and few others experience. You’re raising a non-problem in this circumstance.

It’s a developer’s responsibility to appropriately formulate their collaboration posts. A format is completely unnecessary.

As someone who use to spend time, finding work for a client, managing all of that, here is what I think of this.

I understand that you want it to be quick and easy but like @buildthomas said

I’m going to be searching using tags and skimming/scanning through public and private posts to make a decision and if you make it hard or just don’t make it worth my time (e.g. unprofessional, extremely unclear, etc), I’m just gonna hop straight out of there.

Our current guidelines do state to use tags and other such features. I don’t think it’s fully worth spending the time to update it.

If posts are a mess, they should be pointed to the appropriate places to ensure that it does make it easier but should never be a requirement. I see this place as a professional ground for Roblox developers who have a living here and those doing it on the side, professionalism and appropriate pricing are key, you can see so in the range of #public-collaboration:public-recruitment and #collaboration:recruitment posts which more negative feedback.

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