Engine Feature Request: ClickDetector Behavior with mouse.TargetFilter

Hi, I want to make an engine feature request to change a ClickDetector’s behavior in relation to a mouse’s TargetFilter.

In my opinion, I think that you should be able to click on ClickDetectors even if they are behind a BasePart that is excluded through the mouse’s target filter.

I believe that this should be included because sometimes, I have a large, non-cancollide part that “surrounds” a smaller part in order to create a particle emitter effect around the smaller part. When I want to add a ClickDetector to the smaller part so you can interact with it, the invisible, larger part around it blocks the ClickDetector so I can’t click on it (even if I have the larger part excluded in mouse.TargetFilter).

Please make this happen. I’m sure other people would like this change, too.


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