ENLITE Theatre Event Manager Application

ENLITE Theatre Event Manager Application
Hello ENLITE, our new role “Event Manager” is now out and we need some managers! It is now your chance to apply as an “Event Manager” here at ENLITE to help manage and run our pre-existing weekly events.


High expectations are expected for this role, this is a very important role within our community and dedicated members are needed, make sure that you are the right fit before applying.


Role Information

What is this role about?
Event Manager is a role here at ENLITE Theatre where specific members that have this role are able to host events on the ENLITE Server. The goal is to create and established an ever-lasting involved community here at ENLITE with weekly events that are hosted by YOU guys.

How many will be accepted?
We plan to initially accept 8 potential applicants

What is involved with this role?
As an Event Manager, you will be able to announce events yourself within the #events channel within the ENLITE Discord, you will have a special “Event Manager” tag in-game AND on the ENLITE Discord server. It is a very involved role as you will have a lot of fun with this role.

What are the limitations/expectations?

  • Events can only be hosted at a maximum of 4 times a week (ONLY ANNOUNCED ONCE A DAY).
  • You cannot make up your own events, only host PRE-EXISTING events.
  • High dedication, activity, and professionalism is expected.
  • Every Event Manager has to atleast host 1 event every 2 weeks


Keep an eye of the results on…

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