Environmental Scenery (ROBLOX Terrain)

We are looking for a highly experienced developer who can create a scenic surrounding for a campsite project. This must include; a river, slightly mountainous, hilly, grassy, forest-like area, a beach, countryside road layout and a lake.

We would also like if you specialise in anything else to tell us as we have other projects we need doing and if you fit another one of our criterias we can also talk about the additional work we need doing.

This includes; buildings such as lighthouses, restaurant/pub, reception, modelling such as; food, vehicles and furniture and scripting such as; GUIs and animations.

We want all of our developers to make it as lag-free as possible as we are aware there are many people out there with low-end PCs.

Pricing negotiated upon offer and your skills.
Payment must be through PayPal


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Instead of making a million posts about your project… it would be much easier to put it in the same post.


Thanks for your feedback but no thanks. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Hi there. Im interested. Add me on discord: sureloxx#7985

Hello! I am really good at lighting, I can help add realism to the game. If you are interested, message me here on the devforum.

It can be reported as spam and will be removed shortly after.


If it was spam, it would be the same post on and on again - which it wasn’t. It’s asking for separate jobs, we don’t want someone to do the whole lot for us, we want it spaced out. If you have a problem, report it as spam, but it’s our choice and our preference.

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Then you should probably put everything in one big post.

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