Equip animation being weird

I am trying to make a tool that plays an equip animation when you equip it, but it appears to be weird when you equip it for the first time. Nothing weird happens when you are equipping it the second time though.

How can I possibly fix this?

First equip

Second equip

DISCLAIMER: im not a good coder or animator
so it seems like on the first equip you have made a system that tracks your mouse. Correct?
i think you added a wait or are missing a wait() that is too long or is needed. Maybe try something like that

There is a system that tracks the player’s mouse, but that’s not included in the tool. It is a completely separated script.

oh okay, any errors tho, or just the animation

Just the animation being weird, no errors in the output at all.

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Problem has been solved, no more help needed.
(I changed from loading the animations within humanoid to animator, and I preloaded all the animations on equip aka before it needs to be played.)