Equipped system, Scripting Support / help

Hello I need help reworking my equip / unequip item system, currently how its supposed to work is an event is launched with additional arguments that provide the gui that was clicked aswell as the item wanting to be removed / added to the equip.

I know I atleast need this information to make this work =
-How to remove contents of a table
-How to check if a table is empty

some additional help is always appriciated :+1:

Note the equippeditemstable is basically a table with all of the equipped items including weapons aswell as armor since they are in different tables I had to use loops to get them all to the table.
also the itemtype is also done the same way so it sees what type of a item is being equipped/unequipped to be put in the correct slot.

if table.find(Items,Item) then --if the player actually owns the item he is equip/unequipping

		if #equippeditemstable ~= 0 then -- trying to see if there is anything equipped
			EquippedGui:FindFirstChild(itemtype):FindFirstChild(Item).Parent = InventoryGui --trying to set the already equipped item's gui back to the inventory from the equipped slot
table.remove(EquippedItems[itemtype]) -- I want to know how to remove the contents of this table 
		if itemicon:FindFirstChild("Equipped").Value == false then -- if the item gui is equipped
				itemicon:FindFirstChild("Equipped").Value = true -- sets the item's gui to be equipped
				table.insert(EquippedItems[itemtype],Item) -- adds the equipped item to the table / datastore
			itemicon.Size = UDim2.new(1,0,1,0)
			itemicon.Parent = EquippedGui:FindFirstChild(itemtype) --finds the item's itemtype's gui
			itemicon.Parent = InventoryGui --else if it is equipped for ex. the gui was pressed when in the while on the equipped slot
			itemicon:FindFirstChild("Equipped").Value = false



remove something from a table:

table.remove(table, item)

check if table is empty:

if #table == 0 then
   --do magic

I need to remove the contents of a table ,but the content could be anything, I already did that in the script ~= 0, like if it isn’t empty or 0, it still ran obviously because the table wasn’t 0, but it was empty