Equipping Tools not making the handles fall

Especially on laggier servers, if someone equips a tool, it doesn’t appear in their hand instantly (If at all), sometimes making the handle fall out of the world.

It appears, but is unwelded to the character’s arm, and falls down where it was last unequipped and stays there for X amount of time, X being influenced by how slow the server may be during that time.

This can cause games or the balance of tools to break. Like if you have a laser blast tool, you could equip at the spot you want to shoot it from, unequip, move around and then equip + shoot real fast to shoot it from the position you last unequipped.

Or you can equip and re-equip tools very quickly and be able to jump off them. Some players have honed their skills in this, and manage to fly around in lots of games.

And even if you’re not abusing glitches, this problem also bothers regular users. I’m sure you’ve played a game where you had to equip or swap weapons very quickly, but the tool didn’t show up in your hand until after you died.

Yes, there are (annoying) workarounds, but it’d probably be nicer for developers and users alike if tools, ON A UNIVERSAL ACROSS ALL GAMES WAY, instantly showed up in the character’s hand. As far as making the scripts run immediately, that’s a whole other issue. But have the client weld the tool to the hand instead of making the server do that.

Or swap the order of operations: Put tool in player’s hand, THEN pop it into the character.

If this is impossible for any reason I’d like to know why.

Now that we’re on the topic of tools, how about when they have CanBeDropped[color=#ffbb00 ] = false set on them, and you try to drop them, instead of unequipping them to prevent dropping, how about have just nothing at all happen?

I actually kind of like the unequipping though. However I guess it wouldn’t actually break anything if it did not do anything.

It semi breaks something I’m making right now.

I can see some users being used to pressing backspace to unequip their items.

Like how most of us, to make ourselves not hold anything ingame, may spam 3 or 4 twice. (Equip different tool, unequip said tool) rather than manually thinking of which tool to unequip and pressing that specific button.

BUT ONE ISSUE that exists is if tools are welded together with our own scripts, dropping them is a pain. They fall where your hand is, but then instantly get re-equipped.

So you have to do this weird “bird feeding her hatchlings” merging technique with the person you wanna give the tools to, and drop it inside them. Usually taking a few tries until they finally get the tool, which at that point may have become deformed due to the nature of Equip/ Unequip events in weld scripts having weird effects on tools if spammed too quickly.

Now that would be nice to get rid of altogether.

  1. Having multi-part tools have an automatic “WeldAllToHandle”-ish property
  2. Multi-part tools capable of being dropped from that set distance away from you.

And while we’re at it, could StarterPack have a value called “DropDistance” where it offsets the position hats/ tools are dropped off from you? It’s a little bit too far in certain cases, and can lead to making games bug out/ be abused.