Erikgissin1 | Scripter for hire!


Hello there!, I am a scripter for about 2.5 years now, I’m 16 years old and I usually look for quick jobs/short-term jobs and I’m mainly looking for easy tasks to do but I can do long-term jobs too, depends on the job, I usually like to code on my free time because I have nothing else to do, I code in LUAU but I also know other languages such as: Java, Python, C, I have worked with many people before and I also worked with a game that has over 24M+ visits, I started coding because I wanted to develop another skill in my life, and it’s also because I have projects to make in coding.

My specialization:

  • Rojo
  • Object-Orientated Programming
  • Metatables
  • Datastores
  • Game optimization
  • Marketing
  • GUI development
    and much more…

I will not script:

  • Guns System
  • Vehicle System

I will not script these due to lack of experience, I’ve never scripted guns or any vehicle before.


You can view my assets here:
Black Magic

Ground Smash:

Global leaderboard


Water Breathing: Dead Calm: (The models look terrible since I made it and I am not a VFX modeler)

Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct (The VFX models are not mine, I only scripted it)



My timezone is GMT, and I can work around 6 hours almost everyday!, you can contact me in any time but If I’m not interested or really busy, I will ignore your message.


Depends on the task and the time that it takes me to do it, I mainy do my work for 1000R or 5$, but you can DM me the price in anytime however, I always prefer real money.


You can contact me from discord: oshrin_wolf#0001 (if you are on the same matual server as me, you can just DM me.) you can contact me from roblox messages too!