Erroneous message about filter having issues after sending at least 3 blank chats


When typing 3 blank messages in chat, Roblox shows a message that the chat filter is currently experiencing issues, but this should not be shown since this is not the case.

I believe this is due to the filtering device trying to filter a blank string. This could be solved by removing spaces before the first character and after the last character.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a place which supports roblox’s default chat
  2. Type a space ( ) and press enter. Do this at least 3 times
  3. A message in chat will appear saying the chat filter is currently experiencing issues.

Image of issue:
(provided by @Kampfkarren)

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I made a bug report in 2017 about the filter failing if the string is blank or is just spaces.

I marked it as fixed on my spreadsheet, but it looks like I incorrectly marked it as fixed because it is still a bug. For some reason, a HTTP 400 error is returned for strings that only have spaces.


I’ll do you one better, I reported this in 2016.


I know this was reported before; I just wanted to bring it back up as they said a fix was going to be created, but never was.

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