Error appearing multiple times in the output

I got an error appearing around 20 to 30 times in my output but the script attached to it isn´t existing.
Hopefully someone knows the issue.
Here the error message:

Requested module experienced an error while loading - Studio
Stack Begin - Studio
Script ‘Model.MainModule’, Line 1 - Studio
Stack End - Studio

Are you sure the script doesn’t exist? You can click on the error and it will take you to the script.

I just noticed this error that probably causes the problem:

Downloading asset failed for asset id 7071320922. Is the asset id correct and is the asset type “Model”?

Remember that the module must be open source or created by the creator of the game. You should also name it MainModule.

I looked at the asset and it is very fishy, spammy username from a bacon hair, just titled Asset. Did you put in a free model?

I used a few free assets.
I will go through all of them then.

It says the item has been moderated so maybe that’s why it doesn’t work.

I found the free asset that tried to load that asset.
Thanks for helping.