Error Generating Monthly Game Stats Data

Hello, I am having this strange bug when attempting to Generate my Monthly Game Stats for February 2019. I am able to generate the report for March just fine, but once I try February it gives me an error.

I tried waiting 2 hours, and have tried using multiple web browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome. I have even given my friend access to see if it works for him, sadly nothing has worked.

Where it happens:
When it happens: Everytime (Just for February 2019)
I have had this problem for specifically this date/time combo on this place for the last 4 weeks.


I only found this issue as I was trying to check which Crowns I would be eligible to get and February 2019 was my best month, so I am unable to see my Monthly Players.

The place belongs to @CrazyCorrs but I have developer access.


This has been fixed. You should be able to download the xlsx file.