Error pops up when I try to enable Studio access to APIs

When I go into game settings and try to enable studio access to APIs, something pops up that says “Couldn’t save game settings” and it puts a large error in the output that says:

Failed builtin_GameSettings.rbxm.GameSettings.Pages.SecurityPage.Controllers.SecurityController:20: HttpResponse = { responseTimeMs : 274.07288551330566, responseCode : 403, responseBody : { errors : table: 0xc344b77f98b5ac4c }, requestOptions : { Headers : table: 0x2c9d7d75f41a3bdc, Url :, Method : PATCH, Body : {“studioAccessToApisAllowed”:true} } }

Anyone know what this means?

I mean, I don’t really know what it means but most of the time I just ignore it and close the game settings. And then open it again and try over and over until it works. And it’s worked out for me so far.