Error while testing and turning on Fullscreen

While testing on the built in device emulator, (specifically for the iphone 6 plus) I ran the game as usual, went to the Roblox settings and turned on Fullscreen, and then it gave me the error, “maximum event re-entrancy depth exceeded for BindableEvent.Event”

I only get this error when I turned Fullscreen on and off. The event it references never errors other wise, so I’m pretty sure this isn’t about recursion. What’s going on?

Sidenote, it happens no matter what device I test it on.

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This might be a Studio Bug, or does the error direct you to code you wrote?

It doesn’t direct me to any code, and it does say “-Studio” at the end. If it is a studio bug, do I have to worry about it?

I don’t think so, you could make a new post about the problem and ask some admin to move it to Bug Report. I did what you said and it also gave me the error, so it’s a studio problem