Espionage Programmer Needed [FILLED]

Recently, our game known as Espionage unfortunately lost its general purpose programmer after he declared he needed to find a full-time job for college. As a result, we at Prismatic Studios need a new programmer in order to join our team.
(Espionage, to give the basic definition, is a 19th century themed mystery game which involves players either hiding as NPC’s roaming around a map or as hunters trying to find these players.)
What this “general purpose programmer” would be doing involves a variety of mechanics to program that would either be mass-used or essential to the game. This includes functions such as:

  • Opening and closing doors via pressing specific keys
  • Loading and unloading maps of the game
  • Creating countdowns for the rounds of the game
  • Loading players with specific outfits and weapons based on teams
  • Randomly selecting teams
  • Changing a player’s outfit when nearby an NPC
  • Money and experience datastores
  • Weapon equipping
  • Leaderboard updating
  • And other tasks of this nature

We plan on releasing this game in Alpha sometime in the summer. There will be constant reminders from me (the leader of the project) asking for your current progression with the tasks you have been assigned.
Pay will be given to everybody upon the game’s full release, which will be later in the year. Pay will either be in the form of direct payment or percentage payment, which you can choose whichever one you desire. Direct payment starts at 20k, and percentage pay 12%, but this will rise up and down depending on factors such as the quality of your work and the time it takes to accomplish certain tasks.
We thank you for reading this and hope you take the time to consider this position. If you wish for more details or want to contact me on this position, contact me through direct messaging or the comments of this post.
-TheIndustrialDev, Project Manager

You should post pictures of your progress if you have any, thats a big pull if it looks good.

Good luck finding people :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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