EthanAvenger19 aka Flamzy. | Music Composer and Sound designer

About me,

Hello there! My name is Ethan I’m also know online as Flamzy, I’m a new music composer looking for jobs to do!


((This showcase was rushed and not what you will get it’s just a taste of one of my genre’s I will discuss this later.))

I am available everyday of the week but weekdays may be slower for production. My hours are 2PM to 10PM GMT on a weekday and 12PM to 10PM on a weekend.

For payment I prefer robux but PayPal will be in use soon I’ll update you when. My base prices are for a 30 second project 200 robux. For one song it’s 1000 and for a whole soundtrack it’s 10000. These are base prices and they can be changed. I also count a soundtrack as 7 songs do not try to trick me into making it 7k as I know that trick.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: Flamzy#5074

One more thing

My genre’s are sci-fi, simulator music, and pop type music. I will also add more genre’s and I will make music for FPS games.

Thanks for reading.

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Why would paying per unit (one song = 1000) be cheaper than paying in bulk (seven songs = 10000)? I’m not really getting it, so can you provide an explanation?

(I’m familiar with the inverse, where buying in bulk results in a discount to incentivize big orders (ex: ten songs = 7000), but I’ve never seen sales terms like this before and I’m having trouble grasping why this is the case)

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Charge robux per second. It’s a more flexible way of pricing and safer and better.
Longer songs require more work.

You could go with 20 robux per second as a rate. Just my opinion.

Really it was my OCD side wanting 10k.