(EU) GameJam Ideas community driven

Hey guys, I wondering shall we host a really big gamejam at the viewing party? If so what would the prizes be and who should run it?


Yeah but the event is community driven so we kind of have to make our own prize.

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Oh, sorry didn’t know. Maybe we all chip in 5 dollars, the person who runs it gets a roblox gift card with all the money collected, and that could be a prize?

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Or… not a Roblox gift card? Just the money? :joy:


Gambling on roblox would be a bad idea🤔

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I don’t understand? How is it gambling?

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Not really worth it, it’s only half a day and part of that is just meant to be a party, not sure people will want to get involved with a game jam. You can’t really make a game in 4 hours, and even that time would be sacrificing the live presentations / watchalong part of the event. Plus, you’d need to have judges and enough people for teams, where at London RDC Viewing Party there wouldn’t be many. RDC EU needs to be a proper weekend-long RDC, not just a half day. They tell us to make “community events” as a pass to get themselves out of doing one. Giving out Robux would be against the rules, and buying it via giftcards would be enormously expensive.


I mean they do encourage us to run our own game jam.

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Could be hosted on the Sunday given that most people are staying the night anyway


The even closes at 10pm, so we can’t I guess…

What? It closes 10PM Saturday, people can still gamejam on Sunday? :thinking:

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Hmm, I think that is a wonderful to have. Maybe there could be a 10 to 20k robux prize or maybe lower?

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10k-20k is dirt cheap. I’d increase it to like 60k but I don’t think robux is a good idea tbf.

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I agree with you Alvin,its not really worth.