[EUROPE] Looking for a Dev Partner [ closed ]

Hello everyone! My name is Pleazers and I have been Building for 2-3 years, I really like to Create Assets and small Builds but I’ve never had somebody to build with!

(I have a simple and realistic Build style, Not the Photorealistic kind, the Normal and Casual styles :D)

So I come here in search for a Build Partner to help with my loneliness!

Don’t worry about me being Toxic as I’m cooperative and friendly to work with!

I would like my Partner to have 1-2 years of experience on Building or Scripting

I would prefer to also have somebody that has a 5+/10 knowledge of scripting, as I feel we could make great Projects together too :smiley:

You must be around 13-16 years of age.

I’m looking for a commonly active Partner aswell.

Thanks for reading and I hope I haven’t been being too picky ;~;

If you want to Contact me on Discord, Reply with your comment of your DC name so I know who is who just in case.

Discord - pleazers#7295

(Reply via Forums if you would like too :slight_smile: )

Happy Building!


Hey! I added you, woahvyy#0001.

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