EVENT - The Haven Tycoon Remastered Update!


Link: The Haven Tycoon REMASTERED!! - Roblox


  • Quest System! One of the 7 shards of the universe NEEDS your help! Team up with him to earn lucky charms, gems and for completing his quest get a LIMITED TIME upgrader and boost!
  • Lucky Things! Luckiness is spreading across the map! Lucky clovers now have a chance to spawn and can give lucky charms or gems!, lucky ores can now come out of your droppers and when clicked can give lucky charms and boost the ores value… even the zombies are getting into the spirit! Lucky zombies have a chance to spawn which can also give lucky charms and an increased chance of shards of life!
  • Lucky Items! 5 new items are now for sale for lucky charms! These items are expensive both in charms and in cash! (They can be bought in your base!)
  • Badges! Badges are now available, collect up to 15+ new badges and unlock new EXCLUSIVE items and perks for your character! CURRENTLY BADGE EXCLUSIVE ITEMS ARE NOT AVAILABLE, THEY WILL BE SOON HOWEVER!
  • Out with the old and in with the new! Both the consumable pack and winter mining have gone off sale! In its place the new lucky charms pack (sold for 400 robux and gives 10 lucky charms) and the lucky pack! (Which gives the quests limited time upgrader and boost + 250 gems and 10 lucky charms for only 800 robux!)
  • Lucky Charm and Lucky boost! New consumable! Lucky charms are here! Lucky charms are a “DEVINE” rarity meaning they are even more rare then legendaries and can only be gotten out of rare and legendary boxes! It gives you 5% of the new boost, luck! (for 5 minutes!) Luck boosts your chances of finding good things in consumable boxes PLUS more in the future!
  • Youtube Rewards! You can now subscribe to my channel and get 50 gems for FREE! (Your youtube subscriptions must be set to public!)


  • Various optimizations by @Jaschutte, thanks! (Mostly for enemies, so less lag!)
  • Sprinting for mobile! At last!
  • Premium perk changes! The premium box boost can no longer make you sonic or the flash as it now has a cap of 10 total extra speed.
  • Fighting mode changes! To make it more fair for new and end game players. Nighttime mode can be turned on during the night BUT NOT OFF! Along with this, wave completion boxes can no longer be claimed unless you had fighting mode
    on during the night! This should stop box snatchers who take boxes from players who actually worked for them. Also this setting now saves across servers.
  • Various bug fixes and other misc. changes!
  • Removed the 0.1s dropper boost from premium players and replaced it with 10% more gems from robux! (This was put into place 1 week before the update went out!)
  • Swords now stay after death!

This event will last about a month and once its over most of the ways to get lucky charms will be removed, the quest will be removed and the prices for the items will be increased.

Next update wont be for a few weeks as I take a bit of a break from developing. Next update will MAJORLY focus on providing support to multiple languages and platforms + quality of life changes!

Use code “LuckyC” for your first lucky charm! I hope you have fun with this event and as all ways thanks for playing!