Ever wondered if there were 700 people in one server?

Hello, I am trying to test the limits of roblox’s servers.
Trying to get 700 people to play the game and test what happens when there are the max amount of players in a roblox server.
The game is set to fill up a server to its max capacity.
Also any feedbacks/ wrongs about the game, will be appreciated. :happy1:


Thats what we want to test here.

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to be honest, the max amount that i know is gotta be 100 players at the same server
if you want more then that you know the results, lag issue, get disscounted, get kicked and many more problems with that

My concerns with thise are:

  • Are there any DataStores in your game?
  • Is StreamingEnabled enabled in your game?
  • Are there multiple spawn points?
  • Have you made a script that disables player collision?

its just a simple game with domino physics.
no data store
one spawn point
player collision enabled


If there aren’t any DataStores that’s good as the server won’t need to look through the DataStores everytime a player joins.

If StreamingEnabled isn’t enabled it has both it’s heavy challenges as it can minimize those with low ping but with alot of people in the server it could crash the server as your ping fluctuates whenever theres atleast 100 players in the server.

If there’s one spawn point that will be a problem because the player will most likely look up and because the player collisions are off the next person will spawn ontop so if they look up they will most likely crash.

If player collisions are also on expect a loop of deaths to happen because of the skybox’s death range and they will keep spawning unless people move but that’s unlikely if they are having bad lag.