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  • Change how guis are replicated in for more light-weight and cleaner client-sided code. :white_check_mark:
  • Redesign the hub gui pages to be more flexible for future features and monitor scaling.
  • Have the hub gui (excluding main menu) be accessible from any map, not just the hub. :white_check_mark:


  • Introduce a settings menu with basic settings, and accessibility options like color contrast and
    music/sfx volume.
  • Create a skip stage feature that can be used with the game’s currency.
  • Create a shop gui for purchasing items with Parts, along with any item libraries that need to be created with them, as well as a method to purchase Parts.


This list is not exhaustive to every single addition, change, or fix. Instead, this records the most important changes in each update.


Version 2021/07/30 [[[


  • New stages for Easy map: 6-11
  • Added ‘damage bricks’ which will only damage the player instead of killing them in one hit.
  • Added ‘map bounds’ parts which quickly teleport the player back to their stage if they fall.
  • Added two new functions to the GameInformation library which gets information on the game and maps within the game, as well as tidying up here and there.
  • Added the ability to purchase maps in the Hub.
  • Added the ability to teleport to maps, given the player already owns the map.
  • Added an error logging webhook connection for both the client and server; rate limited depending on the amount of servers/players in-game.


  • Polished the look of Easy with softer colors and lighting, rounded stage pads, expressive ‘next stage’ glow, and a bit more.
  • Adjusted the Hub’s layout by using a UIPageLayout instead of messy individual tweening.
  • Data store redesign to be clearer to my future vision of the game (Ex. stages inheriting a map folder, Parts currency inheriting a Currency folder)