Everyone gets affected when someone triggers proximity promt

Whenever someone triggers the prompt everyone gets teleported which i dont want,
i want it to be only the person who triggered it, im a pretty new scripter so sorry about that.



Yes, because this is what your asking the script to do. Your connecting to the proximity prompt when any player character is added. Instead, move that connection elsewhere and use the player argument passed in it.

You know you don’t need the PlayerAdded functions. You can grab the player from the proximityprompt, should look like this


This will grab the player that triggered the proximity prompt then rather all the player’s that have been added into the workplace.

oh ok thanks ill try that and see if it works.

just do something like:


 local char = player.Character
 -- do rest of stuff


yup it worked there was probably a post about this yeah… sorry bout that

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all good, im glad i could help out!

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