Everyone's Head Is Headless

  1. I want help on avatars. I want roblox normal like always!

  2. The issue is that when I join any game, then nobody has a head for some odd reason.

  3. I think I tried looking at the file location on the roblox player, but here is no heads on content>avatars and where is heads? I also tried to join different games but they are all with the same issue.

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For bugs that occur in games that aren’t made by you, please use the #platform-feedback:engine-bugs category. Please note that you will have to go through post approval by messaging the @Post_Approval group.

First you have to create a post in #bulletin-board that follows the bug report format found in this post How to post a Bug Report

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The scripting support category is for help on scripting games that you make.


I suggest you reinstall ROBLOX. It should replace any missing content asset files. Also, perhaps your internet is on the slower end and is having trouble downloading the mesh data?


Reinstall Roblox it should replace everything what is missing and you wouldn’t loose something.

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Thanks! I will reinstall roblox! and no, The games are fully loaded.

Sorry, its my first time writing a forum!

Works Thanks! I think the problem was just roblox lol.

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Please do not misuse categories.
This is not a scripting support question because you’re not asking for help writing or fixing code.