Everytime I try to open studio this happens

anyone else?


It vvont let me reinstall

It vvont let me reinstall

Did you try uninstalling from your control panel first?

If not, then do this. If attempting to join games doesn’t request you install then try using this page: http://www.roblox.com/Download

@Luckymaxer I clicked that it took me to the game page without installing.

Now when I try to go into studio by clicking edit it takes me in game.

Maybe ROBLOX is getting revenge on you for all of the makeshift keys it’s had to process from you :o

But I copy & paste a,s, & e ;c

get a usb keyboard for your laptop

Try following these steps:
[li]Uninstall Roblox from your control panel[/li]
[li]Go to the folder containing Roblox versions, and delete them all.[/li]
[li]Clear your cache[/li]
[li]Install Roblox[/li]

I feel like it should work following these steps because then there won’t be any previous files left on your computer.

Thank you so much! That fixe it!