Exatlon is looking for Clothing and GFX Designers and Modelers!

Hello Guys!
We are Technical Games!


:black_small_square:︎We are making a Survivor type of game where you will have to Win your first competition for a house with roof, You will have to mood up yourself to see with the camera better, To be faster and to lool clean! (Like Welcome To Bloxburg)
:black_small_square:︎You will have to win prizes such as food for one day or even try to win a competition so you won’t get eliminated!
•We are making this for fun, If you want to help or you need help with something tell us, Since this is for fun,Not for pay. But we will if we get funds,If we don’t get funds,We don’t donate.


We are Builders,Scripters,Modelers and Animators that wants to make something very difficult [all ideas will help]


@pushy1511 Investor.
@mattozzo Scripter.
@The_Trypha Scripter.
@ivocaprison Scripter.
@Mr_bokboy Scripter.
@Forgot_Developer Animator, Builder,Modeler and scripter.
@wins00 Terrain Editor.
@Fezzow Builder.


We are NOT paying since this is a game made for fun, If we get funds we will donate.


We will need:
•1 GFX Designer.
•3 Clothing Designers.
• 1 Low Poly Modeler.
Contact me on discord!
We live in Europe.
Anything, Doubts, Ideas, suggestions, Tell them on discord or in Private over here!


Hi, this project is really fun! I would like to be a scripter, because i have 3 years of scripting experience. I sent you a friend request

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The project seems great, and I’d enjoy working for you, even for small tasks. I have less than a year of scripting experience, but if you need some extra help you can contact me

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Thank you so so much!
We will talk on discord!

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Thank you so much!
I will add you both on discord! :heart:

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Hello, this project seems like it’s fun. I would like to join the team to possibly expand my knowledge and create a wonderful game. I am building in studio for about 2 and a half years now and recently started to work with blender. (However I am just getting into it right now.) By the way it seems like your discord name/ tag is wrong, idk maybe it’s just me. In case you need my disc: Bee#6427

Hey, this sounds like a fun game to make. I am quite new to scripting in studio so I would like to join the team to get experience coding. I sent a request on discord.

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