Exclusive game benefits to players in a Vip Server

I am making a simulator game, looking back at simulators I played when I was younger group benefits was pretty common among the game genre. I want to add maybe a 5% increase in reward when they sell their inventory if the player is in a Vip server. I want to check if it is against Roblox’s ToS to add Vip Server benefits (although I don’t know why it would be), I also want opinions on how ethical that would be and if it would be fair to other players, and how it would look from the player perspective who isn’t in a Vip server. I looked it up online but couldn’t find any results, any feedback is appreciated.

Private server benefits are not against the rules (the Terms of Service is not the rules, a common misconception in the community that isn’t going away any time soon - the ToS is effectively a contractual agreement for platform use while the rules govern platform behaviour). As for ethics, they aren’t relevant to this context.

Frankly it’s completely your choice. From what I’ve observed and also done in other projects, I think it’s far more common to reduce the player’s progression in a private server rather than raise it. This is usually the more fair option since a private server can restrict who can enter that server and thus avoid a lot of behaviours that come with being in a public server.

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