[EXCLUSIVE] RoExpose* | Exclusive Exposure | Exposing KH Founder iCrypto_Master

Due the previous minor leaks has minorly violated the Community Rules in Developer Forum, the RoExpose commandership is trying to make the whole exposures more peacefully and with 100% truth confirmation, this exposure to the person is not considered an personal attack neither organized attack, our main point is to make sure every group owners takes the responsibilities to protect everyone’s basic rights and their democracy, also their dignities, their reputations. And once again, RoExpose NEVER, EVER committed surrounds to ANY corruptions because we don’t need to. Our jobs is to show justice to the people who were harming other innocent users in ROBLOX. Or even murdering other people’s dignities and their personal reputations.

This exposure will be attempted & released by this Saturday, stay tuned!

We will never be afraid on any threats, so flag this post if you want to. Because when you flagged this post, that means you are helping the corruptions. And you also committed yourself is an corrupted user in ROBLOX. So flag it, if you dare using your reputations to fight with our justice.

Questions? DM me [JusticeCreates#1337] to request further assistance. If you dm me just to show off your corruption behaviors/actions, please make sure that you know you are not getting responded, and you will be directly blocked for trolling my dm.