'Exile' in groups with option for permanent/temporal ban


Hello guys!

Currently Groups on ROBLOX allow people to rejoin right after they've been exiled. If they're causing conflicts, it's rather disturbing to let them rejoin. The only way(s) to prevent that, is making the group 'Pend for approval' or make the first rank so that it revokes all the permissions. But that's somewhat difficult to maintain.
Hence I thought of the following idea;
Perhaps create a small pop-up (Like when you invite someone to a clan.) when you press the 'exile' button that carries the following things:

  • Regular Exile - This makes the exiled person able to rejoin anytime.
  • Temporal Ban - This temporarily bans a person with the option to write down the time. (Whether it's the expiration date or a specific time till it expires doesn't matter, perhaps give the choice to do both.)
    Example 1:
    Ban reason: Being a weirdo. (People with the permission to ban can see this in the audit log)
    Expiration date: 23/08/3000
    Example 2:
    Ban reason: Being silly. (People with the permission to ban can see this in the audit log)
    Duration: 984 year(s) 1 month(s) 6 day(s) 0 hour(s) 0 minute(s)
  • Permanent Ban - This permanently bans the person from the group, until the Owner decides to revoke this action. (Or the ranks with the given permission)

Perhaps the ability to exlile/ban multiple people by rank, name or anything would be nice. (e.g for alts)

Any opinions on this?

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Lilly's Group Overhaul

As long as the permission settings reflect the changes I'd be for it. I've had several instances where my groups were under attack by trolls, flamers, and spammers who I could not prevent from rejoining. Since then, I've had that "Pending" category for my group, which is tough to maintain because my group has over 30k people, with more constantly joining.


The issue with banning accounts is that they can just rejoin on another account. It doesn't help that the alternatives suck, but I imagine an in-game API to change ranks in your group, and tying that to an in-game achievement to promote people past the first unprivileged rank, would do better than banning one account only to have an alternate one join minutes later.

With your achievement you could control how long it takes to get privileges in the group -- if it took a day for instance, that would mean at the very most you'd have to exile that person or their alts once a day as opposed to minutely with a horde of alts, and they'd probably give up quickly if they even attempted it (who would want to spend a whole day playing a game just to get an opportunity to spam for five minutes?)


I understand, however the alts are always an issue everywhere. There's not much to do about it. Except if ROBLOX would be able to make a kind of ban that prevents alts to join. But I doubt that ROBLOX wants to give group leaders privileges to that, unless they make it so that it's safe and secure.

However, this is at least a little easier than trying to get rid of multiple alts/accounts by clicking the exile button on each account. The bulk-banishment could come in handy.


Not with what I suggested

This is not possible. The internet is built on anonymity.

No it could not. Not for the reasons you'd want it for. Instead of clicking exile on the same account multiple times, you'll be clicking exile on the same person but different accounts multiple times. Refusing to believe that is fruitless and wishful thinking.


From what I've understood there is that it requires scripting, and more effort than an already built-in button on the site.
However, take into account that not everyone is a pro-scripter (Like me :joy:) which means that people will either have to learn Lua theirselves (That, depending on the learning effectivity, can take quite some time) or ask (and probably pay) others for a feature that everyone should have access to, even without requirements like scripting knowledge.

I understand, hence the following words:

It could at least bring a little more ease. Not every troller, spammer, etc. wants to make an alt over-time. Also, some people tend to rejoin on the same account over and over again which is rather annoying, especially when they break the rules (from either the group itself and/or ROBLOX) and nothing can be done about it because they can rejoin anytime.

However, as I might've misunderstood your idea, please provide me with some more details about it! :smiley:


Every group in existence has managed to get scripts for themselves whether it be admin commands, weapon scripts, a capture point system, etc without any requiring of scripting knowledge. There are always ways, including free ones, to get what you need. When ROBLOX creates an in-game API to change group ranks, the first thing I'd do with it is make a free model that allows any group to set it up without any scripting knowledge whatsoever.

I don't think you do. Banning someone's alt isn't possible even for ROBLOX. It's not realistically possible to distinguish a person on the internet because of how it works.

If someone wants to rejoin your group, that's what they're going to do. If they want to rejoin your group but you ban their main, they'll join on another account because they want to rejoin your group. Any person who wants to rejoin and harass your group isn't going to be deterred by having to create a new account.

Any one of the many people who join your group could be the alt of one of the people you banned -- it's possible any one of them could be out to cause problems with your group. The only way to solve the issue is to limit every single person who joins your group, but only so much that the only people it bothers are the ones who have to do it multiple times.


Unfortunately not in my case.
That group is there for moderating a game thelolguy301 and I are making. Yes, thelolguy301 can definitely script it, but I'm in charge of this which means I'm supposed to understand all it says.
I understand the fact that there's free ways, but it still requires applying to your needs.
I do not understand the fact that something that's on the site, is supposed to be maintained in-game. That's not clear to me.

Of course it's not, hence I said

I'm a Moderator, little off topic apologies for that, on Stormfall, there's a lot of alts too. I'm assured not just ROBLOX and that game have alt problems. Only way of reducing it, is narrowing the possibilities of making or giving the use to make alts. (Aka. This idea will narrow the reason to make an alt to join groups and troll around)

This didn't happen in my case. A player called SoiidBlocks (My name name-sniped) has been rejoining constantly and made numerous alts just for being rather disturbing. I had to make a 'Pending ...' rank, just like @Brick_man to get rid of him. But it's difficult to maintain, as others, who don't have such intentions, are surely welcome!

I didn't get that exactly, I apologize, could you please explain me?

Either way I believe it's worth it, I believe many people can have benefits from this. I do at least.


Well I'm sorry but right now no one has mentioned a better alternative. Your suggestion is a pipe dream that won't work -- if there's any testimony to that it's how ineffective banning is, it's account thieves on ROBLOX since they always return under a new account.

You can accomplish this with what I suggested. By requiring someone to spend a day per account just to get posting privileges you make alts significantly less useful.

It's sounding that's exactly what happened. You said he was making multiple alts to mess with your group like I suggested what would happen when his main account was prevented from getting into the group.

Sounding very unlikely after you just explained that someone was making alts to harass your group (something banning their main account wouldn't solve)

Someone gets banned from your group and then you get 10 join requests. One of them is the alt of the person you banned. How do you tell? You can't. You have a 90% chance of guessing wrong. The only way to stop the alt with 100% accuracy is to assume all the applicants are the alt.


Banning accounts from a group should be a basic functionality. We can block users from our account, groups should have a similar option.


If you explained that very sentence earlier, then I would've understood.
So what you meant is that players should play the game or wait for at least 1 day till they can post stuff in the group?
Sounds good, but like @Digital_Boy has mentioned, it should be a basic functionality.


Unfortunatly, it has been requested a lot of times without any form of admin response.
Admins, this is getting ridiculous. If you aren't going to implement it, please tell us.


They don't weigh in on these kinds of threads precisely because of comments like that. People harassing groups is an insanely annoying problem that everyone hates and wants to solve ASAP. If the staff posted that banning was a pipe dream, all they'd get in response would be arguing for why it would work since people are desperate for anything to solve the issue, even if it wouldn't work. The Avatar 2.0 threads are a prime example of the kind of discussion that goes on in this community when posts start being made without level heads. Nothing constructive would come of them telling you banning wouldn't solve the issue.


You must have never had to block someone before on ROBLOX because the feature is entirely useless. It wasn't too long ago that we had a thread posted about some guy continually making alts and bypassing the block on the other accounts to harass someone.


1.) exile people permanently in group
2.) new group option: "You must be verified to post in this group"

then alt accounts that harass via group would have a track to their actual owner

only problem i can foresee is temporary email providers, but at that point, you should rely on actual people moderating your group to silence any unruly alt accounts


Accounts less than a day old shouldn't be able to post in groups either.


Or join.


That sounds neat!


Not possible

Would help, but all it would do is delay the person for a day. They could pre-make alt accounts in the same day and then a day later be able to continually join your group. I imagine any one who enjoys trolling on alts would have built up a big collection by now (I have 20 alt accounts that are from 2012 for instance), so they may not even need to wait a day.


I disagree with the notion that people can "just make alts" (I may just be going on a tangent, but I feel like I need to add my input on this 'alts' reason).

If I want to blacklist someone from my group, I want their main blacklisted because that's the account they have with the most notoriety in the community. That's the account their going to use the most. My group currently has a functional ingame global banlist from places, and adding people to this works wonders even though they "can just make alts". No one wants to join the group and get serious in it because they want to do it on their main account not an alt. Are they joining just to harass the group? Well guess what, exiling them right now does NOTHING to solve that. As it currently stands they can just keep rejoining and continue to harass the group. Yeah, sure they can make an alt but who cares? All it'll be used for is most likely just to cause issues that they could've caused on their main account and they will most likely not get serious on that account in the group.

For example, if we have an individual in a group that spent a month or two climbing the ranks (like in a war clan) cause issues consistently they can just be blacklisted from the group. Tell me what would motivate this person to create a new account just to a) harass the group (they won't be taken seriously and will be treated like just another alternate account) or b) advance in the group again after they lost everything.

If those are seriously the reasons why we aren't making this a thing (because they can just make an alternate account and continue) then I guess bans on ROBLOX in general are worthless to do because of the same reason. We know this is very much false, why would I want to continue on a new account if I just lost my account permanently with all these cool items, games, ... etc. If I make alts to spam the forums, then epic I'll just get another ban and my spam wiped away (like you can already do in groups by exiling with deleting the comments of the user).

Sure, we'll have outliers -- we always do, but most people will quit at that.