'Exile' in groups with option for permanent/temporal ban


I agree with @Polymorphic. People can just make alternate accounts in any game, that doesn't mean banning people is meaningless.


Their main account sitting in the no-privilege rank has the same effect as banning them. They can't do anything to harm the group.

Neither does banning

So, what you're saying is that banning won't help with alts, but it's useful because it prevents them from getting serious with the group? After losing everything I imagine that'd be deterrent enough to prevent them from ever trying to get their rank back again.

Nothing likely would. Taking away their rank already took care of that. You wouldn't need to ban their account (only exile them and take away their rank) because like you said they're not going to want to advance in the group again after losing everything.

Bans are more effective on ROBLOX because peoples' items, places, friends, etc are at stake when they lose an account. Banning someone takes away all they have. With groups, exiling has the same effect.

  • Groups should be able to ban users from them
  • Groups shouldn't be able to ban users from them



A poll is stupid and nonconstructive. We've already been over that this is an annoying problem and that everyone is desperate for a solution, even if it doesn't work. Wanting group banning en masse doesn't make it any less of a pipe dream.


Calm down, it was just a poll.


with obvious intentions of "proving" that bans work


using your logic we might as well stop banning anyone from anything because "they could just come back on an alt!!" Apply this to the main Roblox site, does it really make any sense then? We don't see mods going around saying "welp this bully will just rejoin on an alternate account so why bother banning him." Similarly, it's pretty silly to say the same about groups.

Allowing groups to ban people entirely at the very least adds several steps to the process of rejoining the group for most people since they'll have to create an alt to get back in (since it's probably a safe assumption that most people don't have alts.) Those extra steps act as a pretty good deterrent to errant children looking to rejoin to cause havoc ("eh, I don't care enough to go and waste time making an extra account for this") , and some kids may not even know that you can do that.

Additionally, this serves as a deterrent to people to start causing trouble in the first place knowing that they won't be able to participate in the group using their account of choice since they'd be booted on that account entirely without hope of sneaking back in.

On top of all this, it's silly to force groups to jump through a bunch of hoops by creating an in-game replacement to a feature that should've just been added to the system originally.

This is a pretty obvious improvement for groups and I'm honestly surprised that this has turned into such a huge argument.


I already explained that on the ROBLOX site it has effect because you're taking away their items, places, friends, and everything they've built up on that account. Exiling is all that's needed to accomplish the same thing for groups. You should also recognize how ineffective banning has been at keeping account thieves off of the site where people like AlexCrowns continually make more accounts each time one gets banned. Banning on ROBLOX is effective because it takes away everything a person has and demotivates them so it's worth it, but just like group banning it's not very good at keeping people off the site, which is the whole point of group banning.

The people who continually harass your group aren't going to be deterred by one account being banned. If someone loses motivation so easily then just exiling them would have sufficed. If exiling them doesn't work, they want to continually rejoin your group to wreak havoc, and they're not going to care about creating another account.

Everyone who's made an account on ROBLOX once can do it again.

Because wishful thinkers refuse to recognize that group banning is a pipe dream and isn't going to solve what you want it so solve. The general opinion of people who want group banning is "this should be a feature by default! We shouldn't have to jump through any hoops!", but no feature like that exists. You can't automagically stop harassers over the Internet.


Considering most of the people banned from the groups I manage are people involved in the community or have an interest in it but are just generally obnoxious, locking them out of the group on their main account would both (a) ruin their reputation and keep them from coming back to fix it (especially since they'd be banned on any new account if they associated themselves with the banned account) and (b) hinder their interaction with the community. Your example of an extreme edge-case like AlexCrowns is quite frankly irrelevant, as we'd be dealing with children with attitude problems more often than dbags hellbent on ruining everyone's lives.

The more effort they have to put into causing the trouble, the quicker they'll get bored. And again, this doesn't apply to run-of-the-mill children with attitude problems.

Considering the valid reason you gave for this not working was that it wouldn't work on edge cases, your claim that it won't solve anything is pretty far-fetched. This would absolutely make the lives of group owners far easier, and considering my own experience with groups and the large amount of group owners bringing this up I'm more inclined to believe them.


Then don't promote them to a rank that can post

What part of "annoying problem that people are desperate for a solution for even if it doesn't work" isn't clicking


Why yes, rearrange the way the group works entirely because of a few idiots that I could easily take care of by banning, thusly causing a crapton of extra work.

You've latched onto one problem so minor in the grand scheme of the entire proposal and declared that it nullifies the entire idea. Then you tried to play it off by making the rest of the people who have experience with this problem look like they're jumping to conclusions or they're clueless. I'm not the one who's having an issue understanding this.

Again, based on my own experience with the issue and the corroboration of this experience by other group managers this would in fact make our lives easier.


Obviously it'd be great if we could have both a simple web-based ban feature and an in-game group ranking API to manage this problem.

Chances are we'd probably only get one, though. Limited development time for the web team and all. And if we get one, the web team probably wouldn't be adding the other option for a long time.

That's why it would be better to ask for the group ranking API over the simplistic ban feature. Group ranking API provides more benefits, opens up more possibilities, and covers more situations than just a ban feature. If we could only have one, the API is the better option.

The API also has the benefit of mitigating some spam before it even has a chance to start, rather than requiring you to deal with it after the fact. New members who are tempted to spam your group may be immediately put off by the ranking requirement that you have in your game. Legitimate members who care about your group should have no problem fulfilling the requirement.


However, the web team did update the 'Search groups' thing on the site.
Then why not update the groups itself as well? It's been a while since they got one, I believe.

But I believe having both the ideas would be great.


An intern made the update -- not a full-time staff member. Also, these kind of suggestions are significantly larger than a page reskin.

Because ROBLOX doesn't like groups in general unfortunately, so they're not high enough on the priority list to get worked on often. We were lucky to get group games since that was related to development, but anything involving war clans, the community side of development groups, etc are rarely (if ever) touched.


That's a bummer.
We'll see what happens, I hope an administrator/ROBLOX Intern will read this somehow.


Okay so this has always been an idea that people who actively participate in groups have always wanted to see. Let's be honest here, there's no physical harm with adding this ability. Sure, if the owner and group administrators are going to abuse it, it'll cause people to leave the group and give it bad reputation, nothing wrong with that.

The benefits here though are certainly something to be considered. I myself actively engage myself in groups and I can tell you from experience, having the ability to remove those who harass members within the group or are just generally misbehaving would be more than beneficial. We, as leaders, don't want these sorts of people in our groups and as it currently stands there's physically nothing we can do to prevent this because if we exile them, they can rejoin. The best thing you could do is restrict the powers of the lowest rank - but what happens when they get promoted? They misbehave again and again and the cycle commences once more.

Regarding the alternative accounts, I agree with @Polymorphic here in that if someone has worked their way to obtain let's say a considerable position in a group that's taken a fair amount of time to earn, there's no way they would create and another account as they quite physically wouldn't be bothered, especially if they lost access to special items, games or whatever.

To reiterate @Polymorphic once again, sure there are odd occasions in which people will seek to target the group or whatever if they get punished however these people always exist and they could be dealt with if they arose.

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Well said :smiley: I completely agree with that.


I’ve been getting a TON of people spamming my group walls telling people to join their groups for free robux. I need this feature, i can’t manually accept hundreds of people into a group a day.


This feature isn’t going to help you. You ban one account and they will create another. There was a previous case on the devforum where someone was being harassed by a user, and after they perma-blocked the account in their account settings, the malicious user kept creating new accounts.

The solution is improving the report system so it actually works and people who manually create new accounts for this can be tracked back to their main and be banned/deleted by Roblox. Banning them from the group on one account isn’t going to help.


The people we’re getting on our group walls aren’t bots or people who can pay for captchas and more accounts, they’re young kids who would have to manually make the new accounts and fill out the captchas that get progressively longer the more accounts you make (anecdotal), meaning a ban would likely cut a lot of our spam. A banning feature wouldn’t stop the problem but it’s a feature that wouldn’t negatively affect anything else and has no harm in being added.