Exiting out of a game?

Is there any clean way to exit a player out of your game (just like the Leave Game button does)? Kicking them doesn’t work because it shows a ‘kick’ message and they still have to close out of the client window.

Is there any way to do this? I don’t think there is, but figured I’d ask. My goal is to make the player not need the built-in menu screen as much as possible.


The only method that closes the Roblox client directly is DataModel:Shutdown (found through CoreScript searching). It’s restricted to command bar usage only, so you can’t do what you want, unfortunately. No workarounds as far as I’m aware, maybe someone has something else.


Have you tried simply crashing the client? :joy: (i’m kidding)


No, there isn’t. The only methods available to do this are locked to core scripts. A little unfortunate, but that in-game menu is there to stay and loom upon your immersion.


i don’t find that feature “unfortunate” to be unable in using it.

Most of players would just think of that feature as a error, either :

  • Accidentally clicked the Close Button
  • Roblox just crashed for no reason
  • Thinking their PC have issues

Having a explanation of why you’re no longer connected to the server stays the correct choice,
And hopefully this will never change.


I mean ideally a developer would use it properly.

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“ideally”, yes, but remember that it’s much easier to have bad intentions than good ones,
and obviously, roblox will not take the bet, there has been multiple attempt in trusting developers such as the use of API with Discord,

people abuse of anything as long it’s possible to do.

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Fair point, I just have issue seeing how it could be used maliciously.

The only case I could think of is some sort of phish/ransomware.


Its an objective stance for people who have the better intentions in mind, like OP and myself. I don’t mean it as unfortunate that no one can use it.

These functions are locked and for good reason - there wouldn’t be the happiest of moments for allowing developers access to this function, for it could spawn malicious usage. I’m clearly aware.

Cool, thanks everyone.

Conclusion: No, there is not a way to do this.

I don’t think there’s a good case to justify making a feature request either.