Exotika is hiring multiple gameplay programmers!

Contact us on Twitter for the fastest response!

Job Introduction
Hello! I am Bossio, the founder of Exotika! We are currently looking for 2 talented gameplay programmers to join our current development team. You’ll be the front-end programmers for our game, and collaborate with each other and our current back-end programmer. We have managed to gain over 300 followers, 200 server members, and 200 group members in a short period of time.

Exotika Team
@benny42448 - Environment Design
@DevVexus - Back-End Programmer
@mashdee - UI Designer
@supernob123 - 3D Modeller

Job Description
As stated above, we are searching for 2 gameplay programmers. You must be experienced with applications like:
You also will be required to communicate via VC with the rest of the team and especially the other programmers. More information will be given in private messages.

Current Progress


Our game is still in very early development, not a single line of code has been written. You’ll be programming the game from start to finish, but you’ll have lots of help and supervision.

We are offering our both programmers 500,000 each at project completion, or per week. We are also offering up to 20% project profits, as this seems to be a very promising project. If you select %, your earnings will be determined after commendable work has been done.

Contact us!
You can contact us on Twitter or discord - our information will be stated below:
Owner - Bossio#0001
Developer & Recruiter - supernob123#5922
Twitter - https://twitter.com/PlayExotika
Discord Server - Cloud One

Thanks for reading! Hope to have you on the team!


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