Expectives Build Portfolio


Information about me

Hello there! My name is Expectives. I am a Dutch concurrent builder on ROBLOX. I am enjoying my time in the studio! I am a new member at the Roblox DevForum
Community! :laughing::upside_down_face:




I am always available on roblox/discord! I can usually work about 6/7 hours, And in the weekend 9/11 hours!


If we are talking about a fulltime job with a development team usually want a percentage, And a one time build depends on how much i have to doโ€ฆ


You can contact me on discord and twitter or in the dev forums

Thanks for reading!:upside_down_face:

[CLOSED] Looking for a Development Team!

What front page games have you worked on?


The guide of the realm! I only leaved the team because i didnt much there and i had a discussion with a other builder there! Thanks for asking anyway :laughing:


Damn, these are so nice!


Thanks! :laughing:


Amazing, hope to see a Developer Spotlight of your work.


Thanks TophatBloxxer! :laughing::upside_down_face:


Theyโ€™re all so realistic keep up the great work!


Thanks! :wink:


Not gonna lie dude, those builds are AWESOME!


Thanks !:blush:


Very Nice!


Awesome builds man really creative :+1:


thanks alot๐Ÿ˜


thanks! :blush: