Experienced Builder Looking To Partner with Programmer

About Me and The Other Twin (Gaming studio)

Hi there! My name is Alice. I joined Roblox in late September of 2012 and started building on Roblox studio as a hobby since early 2014. Over time, I have accumulated years of experience and hours of trial and error to perfect my building skills. Although this is true, I have not yet made an official game so I have founded a development team called “The Other Twin.” As the founder and developer of this gaming studio, I am looking to recruit a programmer who is passionate about games and is willing to work with me and together we can form a powerhouse on Roblox.


We do not plan on rushing any of our developers. I do not like to be rushed myself.


Split-payment after the game is published OR 5k - 30k Robux. You have the option of USD or Robux. If the game is not successful you will still be paid a generous amount of Robux for contribution. (Personally, I know that many developers on the devForum are wary about dealing with split payment options. I myself am wary about this too at times so I know how it may be frustrating to see a project you like but then seeing the payment options.)


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum via message or reply. More details will be given if you are interested.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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