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About Footprint Games

Hello I am Austune, Builder and Founder of Footprint Games. I have worked for studios like Cloud Entertainment(Fishing Simulator/Blade Of Honor)
Including I have worked with ColdDeveloper.

We have an Investor that will provide funding for the game such as sponsorships/advertisements.

The Team
@Austune - Building/Boss
@OPEN - Scripter
@powerbuby - UI

About The Job

We are looking for a Professional Scripter, someone who will not only take this Job seriously, but attend to developing every day and is super active. The project is called Flag Dash. The game is already released for payed access in pre-alpha. Most of things are coded but the goal for our Scripter would be to improve the games current state, continue updates as needed, and add a few things that haven’t been added yet.
Including that the game would be updated weekly once player count rises, you will need to be Communicative and always trying to improve upon the things you do.

Flag Dash


If you aren’t extremely experienced, or lack basic knowledge for scripting, this post is not for you. This is a serious business offer and only pertains to someone who is looking to make a great living. I also require that you must be above the age of 17.
If you are a busy person or are currently involved in any other projects, there must be a 100% guarantee that you will work every day and finish everything on time without leading me on or wasting my time.
A contract will be Initiated. (I prefer you to not be involved in other projects)

I should also include that not everything is finished, UI is being redesigned, and things are definitely changing for improvement.


Before you ignore the offer due to it being percentage, the Scripter will get 30% of game profits(Keep in mind this position is easier to tackle given the game is scripted mostly so far). You will receive No payment until the game is released and revenue has came in.

Contact Us

Contact me on Discord for more Information - CLOSED

Sounds cool, but no backup payment. Thats a problem.

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