Experienced Scripter/Programmer

About Me!
I’m CataclysmicDev(but you can call me Dan or any other form of the name!)!
I’m 14 years old(soon to be 15, though)
I have been programming for 5+ years and due to this I can do most, if not all, tasks!

(All games, including assets, were made 100% by me, save for the icon of Milk Drinking Simulator, and 1 or 2 models in Frightening Simulator)

I don’t want to crowd the showcase but I do have more(unreleased) games I can show if you like my coding abilities!

I am available for around 4-8 hours every day of the week(potentially more or less), although sometimes things come up that are out of my hand.

You can choose to contact me on Discord at CataclysmicDev#5891 or on my Twitter!

Thank you so much for reading :smile:!