Experiences using Marketplace Items - Policy update

Who at Roblox thought only giving a week for a game breaking policy change was a good idea?

This is so stupid. Feels like Roblox is saying “We will punish you and completely take down your game but there is a chance we will reinstate after we review in 2 weeks!” With how unreliable Roblox support is, how are we supposed to trust that this will be dealt with correctly?

Absolutely unacceptable. Once again proving Roblox does not “respect the community”


They really did just admit how godawful their moderation system is.


This is such a bad change. Just leave this alone and focus on other things please.


Real quick, if you have a game that lets people add items by ID, with no GUI, do we have to make a gui for them to buy it?


I’m gonna be busy and won’t be available to develop any solutions for these awful changes this week. Guess that means our game is just going to be instantly deleted. Thanks a lot Roblox!

Seriously, who on earth thought this would be a good idea? I thought Roblox would’ve finally learned by now to stop pulling stupid shenanigans like this, but I guess not.


Prevent items that are not available to purchase from being used in the experience (i.e., zero quantity, only for resale, or off-sale items)

[…] violating this policy (the Experience is using off-sale avatar items, Roblox’s items […]

So any game using using the default Smile face for avatar customization is in violation of this policy as it isn’t for sale?


Exactly, I have thousands of mannequins to change…


Does this only apply if the player themselves are wearing it, or is it fine if they are being used somewhere else? For instance, an NPC?


Does this apply to classic shirts and pants? What if the person who made those is no longer active on the platform and I have no way to contact them?

Or, now that I think about it… replacing head specialmeshes with those of hats? (It made sense in a game I made in 2012, and still maintain…)



First of all, what was even the main intent on this change? Everything is already going fine at the moment, and this policy will be devastating to experiences new and old on the platform.

And a weeks notice? Been loving the announcements today, what happened?

We must be vocal, if this change actually pushes we NEED to do something about it


This change is ridiculous.

Not only is this severely limiting to player expression in games, especially games that rely on player expression as a form of gameplay, giving developers 8 days to reimplement massive, crucial systems in order to abide with this policy is a cruel joke.

Many developers create as a hobby. This isn’t a change that requires a flick of property tab. This requires, in some instances, completely reprogramming systems integral to the game’s experience. This can’t be done in eight days.

Treating this as grounds for normal moderation action on a developer’s account is comical. I can easily see this being abused to get moderation taken on a developer for the crime of having obligations outside of roblox development.

I guess I’m going to have to decide between taking down my game, or failing my midterms.

Do better.


I don’t see how this improves anything.


Having only 1 week to change this is absolutely ridiculous. Think about games with a 2 week update cycle. At least 2 months would be way more appropriate, for sure when you want Roblox to be seen as a professional platform.


same I’m literally starting uni this week and have been given 1 week to make these changes to catalog avatar creator :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Roblox, please give us more time to adapt to this change :pray:


this is actually the worst update ever


It feels like they saw the backlash Unity was receiving and tried to find a way to get a piece of it.

Maybe they should charge 20c to the developer each time you equip a hat the user doesn’t own? :sweat_smile:


I’m a marketplace item creator. I’m not going to speak on how this affects experiences, because I can’t. But this change is very much sounding like it’s going to be a nightmare on our end, too.

One notable question I have: In what manner does Roblox accept evidence of “evidence of your agreement with the avatar item’s creator to use their content”?
Is a personal message on Roblox acceptable? Can I make a list on my website of experiences I’ve personally given authorisation to? Can the policies actually outline examples of what is expected for evidence of agreements so that experiences using this content can have those references and not have their experiences taken down?

I certainly don’t want experiences getting banned for having my assets - and I don’t want them removing my assets “just in case” either, when it helps both of us (especially if they’re supporting me by allowing people to buy my assets in their experience).


How is this going to affect games like catalog games that revolve around creating and showing off outfits? Will this also effect games like trade hangout that revolve around items (limited items specifically) that showcase them and their values?


I dont really understand who comes up with these ideas lol. We literally cant make games anymore because the TOS is so bloated with niche rules that make absolutely no sense. Absolute shambles.


Also, a weeks warning? Seriously? This shouldve been 3 months minimum.