Experimenting with textures

Looking for input, good & bad :smiley:

I implemented most of these changes within the past 2 days to add a more realistic “vibe” to my team’s most popular game. I personally believe it’s helped set a better - more approachable, environment a lot. Looking for outside input however!


This adds a more compact feeling and atmosphere to it, I love it.

Keep in mind optimization, how’s that going with the performance stats?

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I was certainly worried of the effect textures would have towards our performance. We noticed an increase of lag, but that was due to a script that was constantly looping.

Now that the script is fixed, among with various revisions of other server-scripts, the lag in our game is essentially non-existent. All though we do advise player’s have a well performing PC in order to experience gameplay as intended.

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Mmh you could always attempt to add settings to facilitate optimization.

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Good idea! Thanks, we’ll make sure to look into adding that.

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