Exploit Free Crate System? Help modify my set up

Currently my set up is this:
Module in replicated storage with the items and rarity.
In playerUI is the crate system that makes the UI appear and open the crate and chose the winning item.

My Issue:
I’m pretty sure this could get hacked very easy since nothing is being check with the server, however, I’m not sure what to check with the server. The item you win is chosen once the dial stops moving. How would I go around this without having to rewrite all my code?


When the player buys a crate, fire to the server and the server will generate a random item that they’ll get and return that to the client.

Then you make the dial land on the item that they got client side


Yeah that’s what I thought but was unsure if there was any other way to do it.

Never let the client do anything except visuals <3