Exploiter section on the Developer Forum

I’ve noticed a significant increase in exploiters in Roblox games lately, I’ve been recording gifs and writing down the usernames + reporting these users in-game, I’d like a thread that I can post these on and potentially have a moderater look at these users and get justice which is well deserved against them.

Some may say this is unrelated to ‘Developers’ but these users are ruining the fun for many users and affecting the user experience for many developers on the platform.


This is not appropriate to handle in a public forum format because this kind of stuff shouldn’t be public. This should just be reported via Report Abuse or via support if report abuse isn’t convenient. Those are the only channels to report abuses over and staff is not interested in creating another on this forum.


In my own opinion, the majority of exploiting is the fault of the developer, not the player. When there’s an exploiting problem in my games, I always go after the vulnerability, not the players. While the exploiter is certainly at fault, it’s the developer’s responsibility to make sure their players have a safe and fun experience, and securing your games is part of that.

It’s just not worth the manpower to go through thousands of exploiter reports, banning alternative accounts, and having to investigate every claim. Somewhere Roblox could start is by actually taking action against those who create exploit tools for the platform, yet still have active and completely open communities and accounts based on Roblox, going after the little guys, at the end of the day, isn’t going to have any major or long term effect.


I certainly agree. Very few users actually exploit on a “main” account. They use alts because they expect to get banned for their actions. Once you blacklist them on one account, they dispose of it and start terrorizing your servers on a new account. Targetting the vulnerability is certainly a more difficult task than banning users individually but it should have a greater payoff per-say, as an end result.

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I believe our current #platform-feedback:exploit-report is more than enough to cover our current needs.

The target should be to prevent exploiters as a group, not target specific users. After all, as said above, they’re just alts and are freely made. At least outside of the ring leaders, reduce their power as such.

Following the first two rules of client/server in action is fundamental to an exploiter reduced game.

  1. Don’t trust the client.
  2. Do not trust the client.

You seem to have forgot the third rule:
3. Never trust the client.


This is completely unrelated to your topic but I think maybe if there was an exploiter section in the devforum where users could use programs to intentionally hack games like white-hat hacking and let them report it to the owner of the game so the owner can patch it with an anti-cheat. This would give more people options in the forums and possibly help others out.

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