Exploiters Changing Walkspeed of Other Clients?

I have a burning question.
I playing Fencing by StickMasterLuke a few hours ago, and this guy was able to run commands from his client and spin my character, change my walkspeed, and more. I am extremely perplexed as I thought clients only had network ownership of their character and remote events/functions now that FilteringEnabled is forced. I am beyond belief on how this even happens and how they’re able to do it. If someone could please go in-depth on how in the world they’re doing this and this topic in general, it’d be greatly appreciated. I apologize if this isn’t really the right category.

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The only way I can think this would work if the person was able to manipulate unsecured RemoteEvents or RemoteFunctions or if they had a backdoor script/module in the game that gave them this kind of access.

He said it would also work in any other game because it only uses objects in standard network ownership of the client. How else is this even happening?