Explorer "Filter" should display children of objects

I do not use this filter feature because it does not display the children of the results. In larger games with hundreds of different assets I believe this restriction (and a few other issues) prevent the Explorer Filter from reaching its full potential.

But even when I do use the filter correctly, displaying the parent makes display space a problem - again mostly when dealing with a lot of objects.

A “Filter” should be able to filter out mass amounts of objects, so that the user can easily manipulate the selection and nothing else. Right now this feature doesn’t do a great job at doing that since you have to scroll and Shift-click, which results in selecting all of the parents of the objects as well. And without the ability to see the children by searching “Oak”, I get this result - which would only be useful if I wanted to manipulate the models.

Overall there are a couple of things that would need to be addressed for the Explorer Filter, but I think this is a good starting point for the discussion of what could improve the feature.


Agreed this will be really useful.

No verdict yet, but at least it’s on the radar.

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