Export DataStore

One thing that would be nice is the ability to export the datastore for a game.

There is a feature to download monthy revenue data, which gave me the idea to export your datastore into a spreadsheet.

This could be useful for backups, and just simply viewing data easily, all of it.

Other requests, could be useful, but not necessary
Possibly another option to import the datastore from an Excel spreadsheet, which is more debatable. I just feel importing could be useful.

I don’t think a clear all data button would be necessary, but could be useful if we want to reset data, not just rename the table we use. Require it to use email verification to reset as well.

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You could hack something together where all of your DataStores get printed as a JSON in Studio.

Or use CrazyMan’s DataStore editor to view your data.

But if you don’t know all of the key names you’re screwed

If only we could query existing keys…