Export Models Question


I was wondering how do I share a file with other players? Or which file do I save a model as if I want to give it to another player.

As whenever I save it, in files it has a Notepad next to it. Do I just share that file with the developers?

But how do I easily just share it with other people as I file, and is it suppose to have a Notepad symbol next to it, and which type of file do I have save it as, out of the two?

Any help is appreciated thanks.

If it is a roblox model, safe it as .rbxm then send it to other devs, they can insert it to the game.

Ok. I have saved as a .rbxm file, but like said it takes me to the notepad if I open it. My question is, is this normal or not? And do I send it just like this, or no? If not what do I do?

Yes, the way to import it is like this:

  1. Right click the object in explorer where you want to put it
  2. press “Insert From file”


So basically just send it to them as a Notepad Rbxm file.

Yes send it like that, not the notepad but the file itself

Yes, if the logo of notepad appears in the file it’s probably because the OS doesn’t realize it has to do with roblox, but that doesn’t matter, it still opens.

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The file isn’t associated with notepad at all—the reason it displays that way is because you at some point tried to open it with notepad and left the “Always use this app to open .rbxl files” option checked, which changes the icon to notepad