Exported animation looks wack in-game

Alright so I made this reload animation, however it doesn’t look right in game.

Heres what I’m talking about;

Animation Editor:


Please don’t ignore this post, I see similar posts to mine left unanswered!

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I don’t want to ignore you, but I have no idea why!


Are you sure that you’re using the correct animation ID?

Also, consider trying a higher animation priority, it’s possible that another animation is interfering and preventing the full motion from happening since it has higher priority, or it is moving a body part that is completely unincluded in the reload animation and therefore changing the angle.

Maybe try, adding nodes (in the animation editor) on more of the Motor6Ds, even for body parts that you don’t use in the reload animation. That way they take priority over any other animations playing.

This is mostly likely caused since the gun’s idle animation is playing simultaneously to the reload animation (that is the only difference between what is happening in the animation editor and when you use the tool in-game)

Also keep in mind, people’s idle/run animations will slightly effect the animation as well, the Ninja run for example usually makes people lean forward pretty far. Adjusting the animation priority and including more nodes even for body parts that you don’t use should correct that. Or you can just make it so that only the default idle/run/jump animations are used for players.


If “holding” animation and the “reloading” animation are two separate animations.

Then it is because the priority of these are the same.

Setting the “holding” animation to something less than Action and “reloading” to Action priority should fix this.

If this doesn’t fix the issue then you may be calling multiple tracks in the same function every time you LoadAnimation.

There’s multiple other things I can think of but these are the most common with animation troubleshooting.


This worked! Thank you so much.